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Small businesses are typically managed by an individual or a small group of people, which can present challenges in managing multiple tasks across various platforms on a daily basis.

Some of the common roadblocks faced by small business owners include:

  • Tracking invoices and validating payments across multiple point-of-sale systems: Small e-retailers selling on social media often manually list down orders from direct messages and validate payments, which can become confusing when dealing with multiple payment methods.
  • Responding to customer inquiries across multiple platforms: Small e-retailers usually handle customer inquiries themselves, and managing a high volume of inquiries across different platforms can be daunting, especially alongside other responsibilities.
  • Acquiring and retaining customers across multiple channels: Small e-retailers often struggle with customer acquisition and retention, unless they hire more staff or automate existing processes. There is also a risk of losing customers to competitors.

In order to address these challenges, small businesses may need to consider implementing automation tools or hiring additional resources to streamline their operations and optimize customer engagement across multiple channels.

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